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I appreciate the fact that you have clicked this link. It means a lot, really.

My goal with this site is to create a fun resource for cancer information, as well as a place to encourage critical thinking in general, while I chronicle my experience living with Stage 4 lung cancer. I strive to make my posts both educational and entertaining, and hopefully helpful to other patients, their friends, loved ones, and caregivers. When I get a message that someone I have never met before has been positively affected by my work here, it is the biggest reward I can imagine.

I wish that was enough to keep this site operational, but I also look to readers like you. If you are visiting this site regularly or subscribing to get my updates as they trickle in, would you please consider helping me defray the costs of running this blog? Your combined support has already allowed me to drop advertising from the site! Unfortunately, with medical expenses mounting up every month, financing a blog like this begins to look like a luxury I should consider doing without. However, I am committed to keeping it running as long as I can, and trying to touch as many lives as possible.

There are two ways to support the blog and my mission at this time. One is the PayPal donation button in the sidebar. That is perfect for a single donation of any size, and I’ll be indebted to you for it. The other is to follow me on Patreon. The support I get on Patreon, which is a small, recurring monthly amount, allows me to continue posting to this blog and ensuring that it remains freely available. As an added bonus, I create additional content for my patrons, including my podcast, The Deep Breath. Here is a link:

Patreon is a sort of crowdfunding site for artists. It helps to connect us with our fans and offers a way to develop a different sort of relationship while we create unique (and hopefully important) material.

Again, thank you for your support. It truly does make a difference.


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