Inability To Write

Trigger Warning: Graphic and Bloody Content Related to Medical Treatment

Also, there is a link to my podcast, equally scary.

I call the following picture “Why I Can’t Have Nice Things…”

Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

This morning I realized that I had to, once again, wash all my bedding. That bloody T-shirt hanging to the left was actually covering my pillow case (which is also inside the machine because cotton is permeable). The T-shirt below it and to the right was the one I was wearing. I wondered why it kept “sticking” to my back when I would turn over.

It isn’t always this gross

If you were wondering, yes, the side-effects of the rash have gotten a little worse in the past few days. What I am typing now is actually kind of painful, but there is this unspoken expectation of words being included in blog posts and, frankly, Google, et al, want at least three hundred of them. Not sure I have that in me just now. Want to know why? Listen to my podcast! All will be revealed.

Well, maybe not all.

Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with me. Two hundred and five words. Hope that does the trick for now.


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