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July is devoted to issues surrounding travel over at, and I’ve added this small contribution to the discussion. The story centers around the one-year anniversary of my diagnosis — and a good reason to get on a plane.


Flying On Chemo and Other Fun Ideas -

Jeffrey Poehlmann- My wife, who cares about me deeply, is inclined to encourage me to rest. This is especially true for the week following my chemo infusion, though any time she sees me on my feet for an extended period, carrying “too much” around or otherwise pushing my body forward with some task, I’m likely to get the suggestion to “take it easy” or, more bluntly, “go lie down.” It isn’t that I don’t understand why — especially if I’m wearing shorts. My legs have taken to swelling up like I have elephantiasis some days, though thankfully it is just water retention… READ MORE

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