Fear Mongering: It’s Just Bad For You

As an inaugural post, although I think it is pretty obvious, it never hurts to point out that buying into Fear Mongering (as once popularized by the Bush-Cheney Years, but readily in use, well, forever and counting) is bad for you. It’s unhealthy to believe every scary headline on Fox News, and just as bad for you to believe every frightening claim made by homeopathic “medical practitioners” to scare you away from unnecessary medication or surgery… The fact is, people use hyperbole to sell you whatever they want, and lately it has become more aggressive than ever across all media. This is partly because of the blogosphere — truthfully, the level of misinformation out there is growing exponentially every day — AND WILL SOON CAUSE ALL KNOWN INFORMATION SYSTEMS TO COLLAPSE UNDER THE VIRTUAL WEIGHT OF IT ALL. Well, maybe not the part in bold, but there certainly is something there to be concerned with, and probably a little afraid of, until we can all take a breath and reason things out.

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