The Cancer Sufferer’s Wife

Through the wonder that is Social Media, I’ve connected to a wide range of people with their own personal cancer stories. As an extension to this blog, and as part of the research for both a broader understanding of the treatment options out there in the big, wide world, and the book I have been slowly developing to help guide future patients and caregivers through this often difficult and confusing process, I have been collecting interviews from a growing pool of diverse perspectives. Most of these interviews end up in my Patreon feed, where my podcast/video blog has its official home.

One of my recent acquaintances was the wonderful Lizz, who writes a lively blog called The Drop Off, which recently acquired the subtitle of “TRAVERSING THE INCURABLE, HELP AND HUMOUR FROM A CANCER SUFFERS WIFE.”

This subtle change under the title of her blog was a point addressed in our lengthy conversation via Skype.Lizz offered a very candid window into the experience of being married to a stage 4 mesothelioma patient as they parent two children and try to continue living a (relatively) normal life as a family. Her story is both heartbreaking and inspirational, and her insight is offered with wit and joy to balance the sorrow intrinsic to her situation.

Here, I am sharing two clips from the interview. The full interview will be available as part of The Deep Breath on my Patreon page — it runs about 95 minutes, so some popcorn might be in order.

Clip One: Unicorn Horns!

Clip Two: Perspectives on the Medical Establishment


And… speaking of joy:


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