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I enjoy talking. It’s no secret. I’ve been outspoken far longer than I reasonably should have been, though I am better now at reserving my opinion until after the facts have been vetted.

I’m also fairly affable. That is to say, a potentially nice addition to your event. If you would like to inquire about my availability, please use the form below. My base is in Los Angeles, but I am available for travel provided it can be done around my regular treatment schedule. While I will very occasionally waive my speaking or appearance fees, please assume I will be worth it. Any formal speech I give will be tailored to the venue and audience, and I work with my hosts to ensure that we provide a useful and entertaining experience.

While I prefer to conduct most of my correspondence via email, please be sure to include a direct phone number in your message, along with any pertinent details about the potential engagement. I will typically respond within 48 hours unless I’m traveling.

You can send me a message at jeffrey.poehlmann [AT] gmail dot com — of course, you’ll have to fix it with the @ and the .com appropriate to general email addresses. I had a proper contact form in here before, but it turned out that the coding wasn’t working and messages could not get through. For now, please forgive the inconvenience of having to type in an email address. But I do appreciate that you are making the effort. It means a lot.

Thank you for your interest!

Jeffrey Poehlmann


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