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As a “Lung Cancer Advocate,” writing for multiple sites is a way to reach and presumably help more people. That is why I sometimes take a break from my blog and contribute to discussion sites like Quora or write for communities like I participate on sites like Patients Like Me, Health Unlocked, and Cancer Support Community. I also publish my audio and video blog, The Deep Breath, for subscribers on Patreon (there is a link for the RSS feed for the audio-only episodes). All in, it sometimes seems like I am spread a little thin.

But it is important to reach out in many ways, especially, it seems, when Lung Cancer Awareness Month still seems neglected in the wake of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month juggernaut that is Pink Ribbons and merchandising and organized events at every turn. Not to mention that there are more causes seeking awareness than there are months, and the limited color options for ribbons are often appropriated for multiple causes (sometimes even simultaneously). 

While most organizations appear to prefer an off-white or pearl color for the lung cancer-themed ribbon, some have chosen purple — but purple is also the color of choice for the Domestic Violence Awareness movement that happens to also occur in November. It gets confusing and Lung Cancer Awareness is often lost in the shuffle. But there are a lot of stories to share and a need to spread them if awareness is going to improve.

Approaching Every Holiday Like It’s the Last

It is my hope that by utilizing a variety of forums, I will reach more people who are looking for support and community, but also that I will reach more people who have misconceptions about lung cancer. There is still a huge stigma that affects far too many patients, sometimes discouraging proper treatment, sometimes discouraging social connections. Only by sharing stories and improving discussion will this change.

Your Voice Matters

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