A Day of Chemotherapy

It’s late in the evening and the hiccups have begun just as I lay my head on the pillow. Aside from that nefarious turn of events, the predictions for the remainder of my day were fairly accurate in my video diary, as hastily assembled as it was this afternoon. Journey with me, if you are curious and have roughly 20 minutes to spare, to see just what it is like to go in for my tri-weekly chemotherapy infusion.

Infusion Time!

Yes, I look a little tired; I was. And yes, there may be some sound issues; I was using a new app on my phone and rushed the whole process, and per the last sentence, I was also tired. Still, the record stands, more or less, and you can see just the extent that chemo has worn me down and crushed my spirit over the past year and three months that it has dominated my social calendar. In the spirit of this blog, I have tried to remain honest and straightforward in my appraisal of how the chemotherapy process works. While the video is clearly edited for time, it still drags at times, just like my poor, poor feet… Maybe one day I will trim a few minutes off and spice it up with music and flashy cuts. For now, this is the story of my day, more or less like it really happened.

[Edit: the original video has been replaced by one that really ought to be better quality. Also, follow up videos for the week will be posted below, so this post really should be called “A Week of Chemotherapy.”]


More videos follow.




Friday (warning… this one is long):


Well, it turns out I wasn’t all that tired on Saturday night. For our purposes here, that is going to end the week. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m going to make it a lazy one. There simply won’t be anything exciting to report. Not that there has been, as you can attest to already if you subjected yourself to the past few days worth of video logs. Next time I deign to put my face and voice together on the screen, I’ll try to ensure that there is a particularly good reason for it, or at least that I’ve got something pointed to express.

Thanks for visiting! It is, after all, just like you were here with me. Because this is reality, Baby.



Please feel free to share your comments below. But, you know, let’s keep them  nice. And if you feel that these videos would be beneficial to share with someone who is facing a similar situation, please do pass the link to this page along. But I also recommend that prospective patients read the blog from the beginning of my cancer diagnosis back in November of 2014. There is something to be said for reading my story in chronological order, and bearing in mind that my treatments now are somewhat different than they were at the outset.

3 thoughts on “A Day of Chemotherapy

  1. Just watched the video and felt like I was, once again, there with you…always like to know things continue to move along well and all goes smoothly on infusion day….You get good care with some lovely, caring nurses and doctors for which I am eternally grateful…Now you need to catch up on some needed sleep young man….probably will have some “chemo brain” time coming up tomorrow too…Good to see you, even with needles going in….Hope the corned beef and cabbage time will work out well and be yummy, maybe help all that stuff get out of your system if you include an Irish jig and sing Oh Danny Boy…

    1. Fortunately the chemo brain effect has been held at bay so far this round. Thursday and Friday may bring a little foggy haze my way, we’ll see… But I am hoping to remain predominantly clear. Catching up on the sleep is always an issue. But I’m working on it! While I have no intention of subjecting anyone to an attempted jig, I do think that eating well is always a benefit at this time, and the cabbage should be a healthy addition to my diet, especially when it comes to cleaning my system. I’ll be eating quite a bit of that.

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