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Fallacy of the Hijacked Brain – a worthwhile read on how language affects perception

I am always interested in views on how various labels affect our perception of issues, concepts, people or positions, etc. This article from the NY Times really highlights some interesting nuances that I think are particularly worth the read:

“Analogies and comparisons can be very effective and powerful tools in explanation, especially when the objects compared are not overtly and obviously similar at first glance. A comparison can be especially compelling when one of the objects is familiar or common and is wrested from its usual context. Similarities shared between disparate cases can help to highlight features in each that might otherwise escape notice. But analogies and comparisons always start to break down at some point, often when the differences are seen to be greater than similarities…”

The Fallacy of the Hijacked Brain┬áis the name of the piece by Peg O’Connor. Check it out. Then think for a while. But make those thoughts your own.

Photoshop: Unhealthy Images Are Bad For You

Will New Attitudes and Regulatory Oversight Hit Delete on Photo Retouching in Print Ads? | Adweek. It’s true, people do make unhealthy lifestyle choices based on images that they see in print, especially advertising media that purport to show the ideals of beauty. As amazingly idiotic as it may seem, there are still plenty of people who will overlook the obvious nature of retouched images and still consider the ideal plausible; starvation, manic exercise, dubious diets and loads of money wasted on beauty products are the result of this determination to fight against reason and strive for an impossible body image.

Image manipulation example
Air brushing and touch up example from linked article